Your weight is the least interesting thing about you

Apr 17, 2023

You are amazing.
The fact that you were even born is awe inspiring. 
The odds of you being born is: 1: 400,000,000,000,000.

Please read that again. 
I don't even know how to say that number aloud. 
Incredible eh?
Pause and acknowledge it. 

You are a miracle. 
There is a 1: 400,000,000,000,000 that you exist. 

And, I'm so glad you do. 
You are magic. 
You were born for a reason.
You were born to contribute what only you were made to contribute to this world.
And the size of jeans you wear is probs not part of your contribution.
Unless you are a model and then maybe, and that's cool too. 

So, here is my rant. Buckle up.

Your weight is the least interesting thing about you.
I am all in for maximizing your health.
I am all in to support your well being.
I am all in on you getting strong. 
I am all in on your being able to hike, and bike and ski and swim. 
I am all in on your joy.
I am all in on your purpose.
I am all in you. 
But, your weight... well... YAWN. 

You know what is interesting about you?
Everything else.

What you read.
What you dream about.
What you most desire.
What adventures you go on. 
What makes you laugh.
What makes your heart soar.
What makes you mad as hell.
What you do for pleasure.
What you fear.
Why you chose to study what you studied.
How you chose to stay or leave.
Why you chose that person to admire.
How you handled that life stopping struggle.
How you move through the world.
How you created such finesse with your child.
How you became so forgiving. 
How you realized you were so talented sketching, gardening, negotiating, juggling.
Why you love People magazine so damn much.
Why you have a tv.
Why you don't have a tv.
Why you chose yellow as your power color.
How you committed to and then finished that race.
That, my friend, is interesting. 

How much time are you spending a day thinking about what you weigh?
I don't ask you to judge or shame.
I ask you to build awareness.

If you chose today. Right now. In this moment to never create a story about the number on the scale how would you spend that new found time?

You know the time you now spend researching protocols, menopausal stomach weight, keto, "how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days," exercise programs, judging yourself in the mirror, eyeing your "thin clothes" lovingly, printing out the high glycemic veggie list. 
(Ask me how I know???)
Right. That time. What would you do with that time? 

Write the book.
Write the song.
Ask him out. 
Make eye contact with every human you pass.
Start the non profit.
Start the business.
Open the lemonade stand.
Declutter that closet.
Learn the language.
Create more pleasure with your partner.
Notice all the good that surrounds you.
What would you do with that time? 

I"m thinking Julia Child, Mother Teresa, Becca Stevens (my new super hero founder of Thistle Farm), Marie Curie, and all the women in refugee camps are not thinking if they "should" have the bread. 

You were born for so much more.
And, if you don't believe it. Borrow my thought until it feels true. 


The odds of you being born is: 1: 400,000,000,000,000.

When that gorgeous sperm met that award winning egg the universe thought, "Here we go again, another miracle is happening. This world is 'bout to get even more epic. Can't wait to see how she steps into all her magic."  (not... how she steps on to that scale.) Actually, for real I may start giving voices to sperm and eggs just to make myself giggle. 

Health matters.
Well being matters.
Being kind to ourselves matter.
The number on the scale does not matter. 

Can you tell I have been thinking about this a lot recently?
Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 
Your sister who wants everything for you, seriously, everything you desire, esp the interesting things. 


P.S. Are you ready to shudder??? I do not know what I weigh. Two months ago I got weighed when I hired my trainer, but that is not how I am measuring my health now. It's more like... how many push ups can I do? And for sure I want my body fat to go down as I equate that with well being. I will probs get that checked again in a month or two. 

P.S. If you are done done done thinking about your weight and want help, let me know and I will send you a list of some incredible well being coaches. And, if you are in Midlife: Elevated, our private facebook group, rewatch the interviews with Karen and Monica. Gold.