1:1 Coaching

That niggling feeling that you could be happier and more fulfilled professionally is the future version of you inviting you to take the next step. 

What is actually keeping you stuck? Worry, confusion, and fear are the most common answers.  And, if we are being completely honest, probably you are entertaining a fair amount of avoidance too. 

These feelings are often coming from thoughts like: 
What if the next job is just as taxing? At least I know what I am dealing with in this role. 
What if I will make less money?
I don't have the time or money to retool and I'll probably have to. 
What if working less means sabotaging my success?
What if this is as good as it gets?
What will others think? 
What if I fail? 

So, I challenge you to consider some new thoughts. Here are a few to try on: 
What if my next job feels like I am soaring? 
What if I am wildly successful?
What if I earn more at my next job?
What if working less actually creates more success?
What if there is so much more waiting for me?

This is the work we do together. 

By being open to curiosity, inviting in my guidance, and deeply questioning your stories, your elevation is inevitable. We identify exactly where you are now. Then we decide where you want to go and then we map out a plan. But not a plan with dates and times and check marks. No. It's more fluid than that.


And nothing outside of you has to change (yet) for you to change. 

This is usually the biggest surprise for my clients. You can feel more fulfilled, more delighted, more alive without a person, a job, or a role changing. 

Ready for calm, clarity and someone in your corner?

Coaching with me will not be about a laundry list of action steps. This is a coaching relationship based on conversation, deep listening, and thought steps.  Of course there will be action, but only action once we have aligned your thinking to make sure you are taking actions that actually move you toward elevating and not just getting busy. 

How does that sound? 

Great, let's spend an hour together. We will clearly identify your goal, your obstacles, and talk about how we can work together.

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