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Get Unstuck Fairy Godmother

"What is wrong with me?" used to be the question I would play on repeat.

I had a lovely marriage, dear children, fun friends, a strong family life and yet....I was not fulfilled. And, changing jobs every two to three years was not solving my problem.  Why can't I just be content with what I have and not seek more? I kept thinking if only my town were different, or my husband were different, or the job market were different, or our finances were different then I wouldn't feel this way. All excuses, but I didn't know that. I created unnecessary overwhelm and convinced myself I was being greedy to want more. But, the feelings of frustration were loud and led to a puzzling combination of action and inaction. I began engaging less with those around me. Sleeping more. Eating more. Drinking more. And running in circles to solve for feeling, in a word...  stuck. 

I found coaching. And, coaching was the game changer.


I stopped leaning on changing anything outside of me to get unstuck. I learned that I alone could create better, fulfilled, happy, content and still want more. And that was okay. I also realized it was safe to want more and be more. But this time when I "wanted more" it was to add to my life, not to solve for anything lacking. I had found the short cut to getting unstuck. I retold my stories. Wrote new stories. And finally got honest with what I most wanted - fulfilling work that I designed from scratch and a robust personal life. And, my coach showed me just how I could do both to create my own happiness and fulfillment. I'm forever indebted to her. 

Receiving coaching was so powerful that

I decided to become a coach

Now, I bring all I have learned to every interaction with a client. My finely tuned intuition, ability to hear what you are not saying, natural gift for enthusiasm and encouragement, and my sincere love for each woman with whom I work. Everything I have ever done, learned, experienced shows up in my work with you. 

The Personal Details


I am a married woman of 30 years and the proud mom of two grown daughters.


I earned my Undergraduate degree from Smith College at 21. At 30 I earned my Masters in Educational Counseling from The University of Virginia.


At 50, I became certified as a Life Coach through the Life Coach School (LCS). And at 53, I received a Leadership Certification (LCS).


I have dedicated my professional life to human development. I have worked in admissions, development and alumni affairs in numerous schools - from elementary to graduate level. 


I have led a Human Resources division for a Psychiatric Hospital, served as the Executive Director of a Non Profit for grieving families, and been the President of numerous boards or organizations. But my favorite type of leadership is quietly modeling integrity, inclusion, empathy, and dependability - at the grocery store or in my current business.

Geek Out Over 

I love personal development, TED talks, crossword puzzles, my family and ... want to see a pic of my three pets?? 

Ready for calm, clarity and someone in your corner?

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