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I coach women to thrive in midlife, professionally and personally

Whether you are actively or passively job searching, there are many reasons for feeling stuck.

But, the ones I hear the most often fall into three categories:
1) You want to change jobs or careers, but you aren't taking any action.
2) You are taking action, but not getting any interviews.
3) You are getting interviews, but not job offers.

And you are frustrated. Your career is part of your identity. You are good at what you do. You enjoy contributing, producing, making an impact and yet, you have hit a wall or maybe even a ceiling. 

Maybe you've started to question what is possible for you because you've experienced a setback, a disruption, or are at a crossroads in your career. 

Maybe you are tired of overworking, being overlooked for promotions, undervalued, not recognized, settling. Maybe you are tired of compromising your personal life for professional success. Maybe you are simply burned out. 

And while some of this may be due to external factors (bias, weak leadership, etc...) you are also playing a role in keeping yourself stuck. 

I'm glad you are here. Helping women get unstuck is my superpower. 

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On the other side of stuck, what would it feel like to be professionally fulfilled? 

✦ To know you are making an impact.
✦ To work with people who share your values.
✦ To work in your zone of genius, your strengths.
✦ To be well compensated.
✦ To feel valued.
✦ To feel confident as a leader. 
✦ To know what you do matters. 
✦ To be respected. 
✦ To be challenged. 
✦ To not feel stuck.

Are you ready to make this your reality?  

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My Method

First we uncover what is actually creating stuck. Spoiler alert: It is always a combination of your own thoughts and behaviors. And the good news is that both are within your control. So it is a matter of building awareness and getting off autopilot to get unstuck. 

Through questioning, challenging, and deep listening I teach you how to let go of what is limiting you so you can land your dream job, shift industries, launch or scale a business, reclaim your personal life, or sometimes, simply find fulfillment staying just where you are. 

To do this we first uncover the limiting stories (thoughts) you have about yourself and your life. Stories that are most likely creating resistance and fear. Two emotions that prevent you from leading the life you desire to lead. And, we challenge each of them.

Next, we uncover the habits (actions) that are preventing your elevation:  habits like staying invisible, people pleasing, imposter syndrome, minimizing their value, perfectionism, avoiding difficult conversations, not building a leadership presence or voice, and not actively creating allies.

With grace and humor and patience we solve for each of them.  

I'm Kristin. Nice to meet you.

I am a Masters Educated Counselor and Certified Life, Career, and Leadership Coach. But my credentials are not my super power, my intuition and instincts are.

Our work together will be transformative, not transactional. 
You can google how to get more connects on LinkedIn. 
You can read a book about how to pivot careers.
You can take an assessment to see what careers are meant for you.

Our work will be more profound. 
Through self awareness and identifying your deepest desires, our work will be more about who you want to be and less about what you want to do.  And, I will help guide you there .

We will identify where you can grow your visibility, influence, leadership voice, and confidence on your way to creating the professional life you desire. We will focus on where you can create alignment with your values and strengths.

We won't just dream about what is possible, we will create a plan to make it inevitable. 

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It's hard to DIY when you are not even aware of what is blocking you. 


Think of hiring me as the way to take a short cut. I know the predictable road blocks. I know the strategies. Ready? Let's go.

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