You are at midlife and have achieved a level of success that brings you great pride.

Of course you have.

No one is surprised. 

You are a producer.

You are a doer.

The teachers always loved you.

You are well behaved. 

You dot all your "i's."

You follow the rules. 

You get shit done. 

Your friends and colleagues admire you. 

You (most days) love your family.

You (most days) love your work. 

But, day to day life is a combo of yawn and exhaustion. 

While you do make achievement look easy, you are ready to run away. 

You do not have to run away.

You do not have to ditch all you have achieved, earned, produced, to shift from ennui to elan, from exhausted to exhilarated, from deflated to elevated. 

(I know... I'm quite good at alliteration, but don't have me rhyme anything...)

If this is you, I see you. 

And, I would love to show you another way. 

My super power is showing women a less serious, more flexible approach to achievement, accomplishment, and creating a legacy.

Through coaching, questioning, daring, teaching, encouraging, and humor I help you become the valedictorian of midlife.  (I had you at valedictorian didn't I?)

But, with ease and fun and delight, not what you are used to right? 

You are wise. 

You have lived through some struggles.

You know how to strive. 

Let's channel all that you have experienced  to elevate your professional and personal life. To experience more delight and fulfillment.

These are some examples of actual goals achieved by my clients when they stepped into what they wanted most:

  • Got engaged

  • Became a college President

  • Wrote a New York Times bestseller

  • Returned to graduate school at midlife

  • Began working less and allowed more time for a robust personal life (including more dating)

  • Scaled her business to multiple 7 figures

  • Rebuilt her confidence following a divorce

  • Left a business she founded 

  • Shifted her money mindset to take more professional risks

  • Left full time employment and founded a business

  • Stayed in full time employment and founded a business

  • Stopped feeling like an imposter and owned her professional success

  • Got out of burnout (several medical professionals)

  • Wanted to end her marriage, but instead, fell in love with her husband again.

  • Stopped letting a past trauma cloud her worth, femininity, judgment, and future

Think of hiring me as the way to take a short cut. 

It's hard to DIY when you are not even aware of what is blocking you.

Exhaustion to Exhilaration.

Ennui to Elan

Confused to Clear.

Deflated to Elevated.

Ready? Let's go.

Ready to elevate?


I surpassed my business goal by $2.1 million dollars and earned my largest bonus yet. And, I can fit into jeans and dresses that I almost threw out!

Never thought I would see 117 again! 

Executive with 25 year tenure in technology sales