I teach women how to master their minds to elevate their lives


I teach women how to master their minds to elevate their lives

You want to elevate your life but you find yourself stuck.

  • There is a habit you want to start or stop and you are stuck in inaction. 
  • You find yourself indulging in over eating, over drinking, over facebooking, over working, over spending instead of taking actions to elevate.
  • You have experienced a personal or professional disruption that has left you spinning. 
  • There are areas of your life where you are settling and living on autopilot, but fear is preventing you from doing anything about it. 
  • You are frustrated by a professional or personal relationship and can't stop obsessing about it.
  • Your days are filled overwhelm and you don't see a way out.  

If this is you, you are in the right place.
I know just how to get you unstuck. 

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The reason you are not living the life you most desire has a lot to do with the stories you are telling yourself

And before you roll your eyes... I promise this is very good news because you can more easily change your thoughts than you can your circumstances.

We all have a soundtrack playing on repeat in our brain.  And, the soundtrack is filled with thoughts you may not be aware that you are thinking, 80% of which are filled with judgment.  Time to take the aux cord away from Judge Judy. 

If you are like most women, you have been judging yourself for so long that now it is simply a habit. Judge what you see in the mirror. Judge what you just said. Judge your past. Judge your bank account. Judge your relationships. Judge where your life has been hard. Judge what you have not accomplished. Judge where you've been wronged. And when you get stuck in the habit of thinking those judging thoughts, you limit yourself immensely.

I teach you how to master your mind to turn off your inner judge and get unstuck.

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My Method

Your brain's commitment to self protection is simply clashing with your desire to evolve. My method will teach you how to master your mind so you can create the growth and elevation you desire. 

  1. First step - Identify your brain's soundtrack. Your assumptions. The stories you believe. And challenge them.
  2. Next we link these thoughts to the feelings you are feeling and investigate these feelings' impact on the actions you are or are not taking. 
  3. Then we uncover the habits that are preventing your elevation:  habits like staying invisible, people pleasing, imposter syndrome, minimizing your value, perfectionism, avoiding, sabotaging. 
  4. From here I teach you how to manage your mind to create the elevation you desire.  

Your mind is your best friend.
But it can also be your worst enemy.

When we allow the inner judge's voice to influence us,
we stay stuck. 

This approach creates a life of default thoughts,
default emotions, and default habits. 

Coaching with me is where default living ends and
intentional futures are created.

I teach you how to master your mind
to release this judging and create
more happiness,
more pleasure,
more growth,
more extraordinary. 


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I teach you how to get off autopilot.


To challenge your assumptions. To be the observer of your mind. To choose growth over perceived safety. Think of hiring me as the way to take a short cut to an elevated life. 

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