I help women create deeply fulfilling professional and personal lives. 

Most women have a secret. 

They are accomplished in one area of their life, but feel overwhelmed in another. 

Their secret is that they are not actually that self-confident.

They can found a company, or lead a team, or get promotion after promotion and still they lack confidence. 

They rock it at work, but are disconnected from their husband.

They keep all the balls in the air at home, but always feel behind at work.

They have earned every promotion, but think they have settled in their personal life.

They check every box at work, but have trouble following through at home.

They have the big job, but want desperately to stop working.

But ... because they impress easily, get a ton done, and from the outside look successful so everyone around them thinks they have it all together. In fact, they are often envied. 

And keeping the facade alive is exhausting them. 

If this resonates with you I promise it can be different.

What if you could feel deep happiness and confidence in all areas of your life?

What if you never held back from what you truly want? The job, the relationship, the salary, the body, the promotion, the free time?

It is closer than you think.


I've designed my 1:1 coaching program to teach you just how to create more confidence, happiness, and intention in all areas of your life. And once you master them with me you will have these tools for the rest of your life.  (the rinse and repeat principle...)

Want to run toward confidence and happiness?


I surpassed my business goal by $2.1 million dollars and earned my largest bonus yet. And, I can fit into jeans and dresses that I almost threw out!

Never thought I would see 117 again! 

Executive with 25 year tenure in technology sales