You know what you really want

Mar 08, 2022

You know what you really want more than you give yourself credit.

When the waitress arrives at your table do you tell her all the things you don't want?

When you go into the store do you tell the merchant what you are not looking for?

When you go to the book store do you go right to the section where your desired book does not exist?

When you go to schedule travel do you first look up all the places you don't want to visit?

That all sounds crazy eh?

But, you know what is funny?

We spend a lot of time telling ourselves what we don't want.

And, it doesn't create expansiveness and opportunity.

It often breeds negativity and narrow thinking.

I don't want to stay in this job.

I don't want that person on my team.

I don't want them to assign me one more thing.

I don't want to make dinner every night.

I don't want to be married any longer.

I don't want to leave this couch.

I don't want to exercise.

I don't want to hear any more complaining.

I don't want to think about my weight any longer.


I get it.

If you see yourself in this pattern, would you be game,

just this week, to focus on what you do want?

And as the week progresses practice getting clearer and clearer?

Let's play.

Instead of: I don't want to stay in this job

let's morph that into....

I want a new job ..... then, that can become...

I want to continue practicing law, but in a new setting becomes

I want to have more intimate relationships with my clients, can morph into...

I want to work for a small law practice where I can practice all types of law, can become...

I want to begin networking with lawyers who work in those type of firms...

And then you are off and running with more "I wants..."

Can you feel the difference between:

I don't want to stay in this job versus

I want to begin networking with lawyers who work in small firms and practice general law.

(Is that even a thing?? I must made up this example.)

What do you actually want in your life?

More rest.

More dates.

More intellectual challenge?

More money?

More romance?

More health?

Identify it and then create a whole series of "I want" sentences to support your desire.

And, be kind to your brain when it says ...

I don't want to watch one more football game, or do one more stupid report ...

Just redirect it and thank it for sharing, but ask it to come up with what you do want instead.

Takes more effort.

Takes more responsibility.

Takes more thought.

And, heads you in the direction where you can find it.

I want you to love this exercise.

I want you to thrive (so much sexier than I don't want you to remain in idle...)