You don't have to be the most qualified

Aug 05, 2021

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about the promotion, but then think of all the reasons you aren't qualified?

Have you ever read a job description and thought, "Exactly! This is what I want to do!" and then read all the "wish fors" in the job ad and talk yourself out of applying?

Do you take one more course, get one more certificate, serve on one more committee so you will appear more prepared for the promotion, the job, the boss noticing?

And, this happens to women far more often than men.
So, women.... let's learn from the men instead of judging them.

Have you ever sat back in awe when someone else less qualified gets the job, the promotion, the opportunity? If so, do you think they are overconfident? an imposter? arrogant? aggressive? I mean they might be, but more likely they are just willing to feel the discomfort of going for it. They are willing to get the job and then fill in their skill gaps. They are willing to trust themself that they have what it takes even if they don't check all the job description boxes.

If you don't apply for your dream job, you are failing ahead of time.
You could apply, experience the process, interview, etc... and not get it, but now be more informed.
Or, you could just not apply.

If you don't apply, you fuel your old story that you aren't ready yet, or qualified yet, or prepared enough for an interview.
If you do apply, even if you don't hear back, you will have challenged yourself and taken a risk.
Far better than running in place.

Apply. Hear nothing. Nothing lost.
Apply. Get an interview. Don't get the job, but get exposure and interview experience.
Apply. Get the second interview. Get the job. WINNER!

Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.
Where are you willing to embrace discomfort in order to grow professionally?

This is what I help women do every day. Run toward awkward, take action to build confidence, let go of old stories/limiting beliefs, embrace new thoughts about what is possible.
Don't wait for someone to advocate for you.
Don't wait to feel ready.
Don't wait.

And spoiler alert .... once a woman solves for this hesitation in her professional life there are great benefits to her personal life too. She starts dreaming of how she wants her entire life to look, not just which LinkedIn profile she wants to own..... Her relationships, her finances, her body.

It's magic.
Pure magic.
And, so available to you.