You are the leading lady of your life

Dec 07, 2022

Have you ever considered yourself a leading lady? 
The star of your life. 
The main event.
The one whose name is in the boldest print? 
Maybe you even have someone only put green M and Ms out for you. 

If you have not tried this title on, would you be game to? 
Even if only while you read this note to you.

I've just returned from a retreat where we were asked to try on the title of leading lady. 
To consider everything outside of us our supporting cast.
Our home, our clothes, our partners, our children, our friends, our career. 
All supporting cast.

And, we were asked if we have intentionally cast them in our life or just let a casting director (happenstance, the old us, an unexamined belief system) take care of this for us. 

You know how you'll know? 
If you look around and ask yourself if everything in your life had to re-audition for its role, would you choose them?
Would you rehire your wardrobe? 
Current job?
Your body?

And stories.
Would you rehire your brain to keep these stories/scripts alive? 

Stories about who we are, what we can and can't do, what is available to us, how our past has shaped us, our limits, and our possibilities.  Stories of money and love and health and careers and your childhood?

Are there some parts of you life that need to go the the MGM archive?
Are there some roles that you'd like to recast?
Are there some belongings that can be donated to the set design warehouse or costume department?

Leading ladies don't settle.
Leading ladies own their role and their decisions. 
They negotiate for all they want - money, surroundings, wardrobe, support, their team, catering, and rest. 

Your brain is the director. 
You are the leading lady.
Your life is your movie. 
Would you pay top dollar to sit in the front row on opening night?

Happy to play the role of casting agent as we co-create your fantasy leading role life.I'm really good at teaching you how to tell your thoughts,
"Thank you, but no thank you. We are going in another direction.... "

Ready, set, action....

P.S. Hmmm.... leading lady? Never really thought about it, but sounds pretty sexy doesn't it?  Idea... What if you gave yourself 15 minutes on Pinterest to create a private Leading Lady collection of visuals - a collection of everything you want as supporting roles in your life and all that you want to embody as the leading lady?. And, if you want help, feel free to contact me