You are not behind

Jul 30, 2022

We've just had a houseful for the past few days.

Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, old friends, new friends, several dogs all celebrating together. grilling, cooking, sipping, floating, sunning, laughing, and doing lots of dishes... We missed those who couldn't join us, and welcomed those who were here for the first or second time.

This is our 14th July 4th hosting a crowd and every year I think...

Take a mental picture Kristin.

Savor the conversations.

Listen to the laughing.

Really taste the endless delicious food.

Connect, really connect with your guests.

Be grateful for the laundry and dishes and shoes everywhere.

And for some reason this round I was more present than ever.

And, I learned the power of mono focus.

Fast forward to Tuesday.

I was sitting on my sofa with my dear friend of 35 years sipping coffee and I said, "Oh, my gosh... I totally forgot to write an email for today."

And she wisely said... "Perfect. Write about that. You have been so fully present enjoying your life that you forgot to write it." 

That really hit me.

Brilliant idea Jane.

So, here I am.
Writing my email a few days later.
Not feeling a bit behind.
Giving myself the gift of reengaging slowly after a few days off.

Is there somewhere in your life you could give yourself some extra grace?

Is there a new thought you could have instead of, "I am behind?"

Is there a way to savor your non work time and your work time by being completely present?

If so.... I invite you to make a conscious decision today to do so.

Your present coach,