Would the story of your career be a best seller?

May 10, 2021

What stories do you tell yourself about your career?

I have made some dumb decisions.

I keep figuring this out.

This job is so boring.

I timed this just right.

I chose the wrong career.

I have so much opportunity.

I should have majored in economics.

I love how I keep reinventing my career.

It's too late to switch careers.

I wonder how this risk could pay off in spades?

I have to stay here because of the money.

It's never too late and I am never too old.

We'll never get out of this debt.

I will always look for how I am winning.

My boss should show me more appreciation.

What if you looked at all the stories you tell yourself as fiction.


Made up.

If you were to file your non fiction story at a book store would you put it in fantasy? romance? spiritual? historical? mystery? inspiration?

Would it be a best seller or on the sales table?

Would you be proud to host a book signing?

Your story is a series of thoughts and a small percentage of facts.

You get to interpret the facts however you wish.

I came in second OR I lost.

My time here is done OR I am stuck in this job forever.

If your first book is filled with stuck stories, what if you made the sequel all about how you shifted your reality to better align with the life you most want to live.

And then... PLEASE invite me to the book signing!