Who do you envy?

Apr 29, 2021

Who do you envy?

Get really curious...


do you


I know. I know. We are not to envy anyone. Well we are human and envy is human and this is just a harmless exercise so please join in.

Get out a piece of paper or open up notes on your phone.

And you don't have to tell anyone your answer so...

There's no wrong or embarrassing answer.

Well, unless you decide to judge yourself.

But... come on... if you've been reading my emails you know judgment just blocks you. I am inviting curiosity....

So, give yourself a hot minute or the time it takes to drink your coffee to answer: Who do you envy?

(I never remember if it is envy or jealous that is the less Godly emotion... so just swap out the word envy if that triggers you. Basically, whose life do you wish you were living? Or part of their life? Not who do you wish ill upon. Or who do you resent... No, but this is more than who do you admire... A little bit of coveting is what we are uncovering.)

I'll wait here while you come up with your list.

I mean be real... it isn't just one person is it?

It's probs a few.

It may take a bit of time.


I used to be so scared of envy.

I felt shame if I envied.

I would never let the words, "I sure envy X," cross my lips.

Talk about a missed opportunity.

You know why?

Because identifying envy is the fastest way to gather clues to the life you most want.

And, now that I know to my toes that I am solely responsible for the life I most want wouldn't I want clues?

So, I am honest with myself now.

I suppress nothing.(If you've been at a gathering with me, you know I'm not lying.)