Who better than you to show you love?

Apr 17, 2023

I mistrust folks who refer to holidays as Hallmark Holidays. 
But then, I mistrust cynicism and the above is an example of that. 
I mean... don't celebrate it, but why sprinkle the world with judgment? 

I was raised in a home that celebrated some hallmark holidays, (go Mom!)
and Valentine's was my favorite.

My mom didn't make it about romantic love, just love. 
I am pretty sure Hallmark didn't make up love. 
And we all looked at it as another day to really focus on our love for each other. 

So, if you are not in the habit of celebrating today, I invite you to do so.
I wonder if you'll let go of your assumptions about today's meaning
and take it as an opportunity to show yourself love, on purpose. 

I know to my toes that it is my job to love me the hardest, the widest,
and the deepest.

So, today is just another fab day to remind myself that I love me. 
And, in my office, I surround myself with gifts and notes from my clients to remind me others love me too.
Some women have vision boards.
This woman has a thank you board. 

There is power in visual reminders that I am loved. 
That my work matters.
That I make an impact.

How can you get in the habit of showing yourself love? celebrating you? 
Let go of any inner dialogue that tells you it is silly, or bragging, or self promoting. 
Unless you love those words.
Then, by all means ... lean in! 

Happy Valentine's Day today and every day. 
I. Love. You.
Big hugs, 

P.S. And, yes... I am in the habit of buying myself flowers too. Who better than me to show me love?