Where can you add more fun to your life?

Feb 02, 2021

What is one area where you can create some fun?

Your marriage?

Your parenting?

Your dating life?

Your work?

Your self care?

How can you bring some more fun to your February?

This may sound like a silly question, but it isn't.


Trust me.

Keeping life serious is not necessary for achieving fulfillment, success, and purpose.

Fun is...

I have begun to ask myself each day, "How can I have fun and ease in my business today?" And just like that... ideas started to flow. I'm making more videos. I'm writing a bit more. I'm exploring instagram. All fun and rather easy. What would having more fun with your self care look like?

An extra walk a week?

Meeting a friend for coffee?

Taking a day off?

Letting yourself sit on the couch and read that trashy book?

Going on a drive to nowhere and blasting your favorite music?

What would having more fun in your marriage or dating life look like?

Surprising your love with a dinner by the fire? (even if that means moving the sofas out of the way)

Rewatching the first movie you saw together?

Playing stack cup or pong?

Making out in the car?


What would having more fun at work look like?

Mailing a few notes to your favorite colleagues letting them know how much you enjoy them?

Leaving anonymous gifts on a few desks?

Making a sound track you begin each zoom call with?

Sending a joke or fav meme each day to your besties?

What would having more fun as a parent look like?

Serving cake and cocoa for dinner?

Mailing your college kiddo a care package?

Writing your child a note about the time they made you laugh the hardest?

Making a tik tok video together?

Asking them to make you a sound track of their top 5 fav songs and then actually listening to it?

You know what has trouble living in the same space as fun?


What if February, the love month, were renamed the fun month.

No time for excuses.

No time for boredom.

No time for resentment.

Just time for some fun.

A little each day or a bucket full all month.

Tag you are it!
I"m already laughing....