What is your body trying to tell you?

Jun 20, 2022

What is your body trying to tell you? Do you find yourself with...

  • unexplained hives

  • frequent headaches

  • weight gain

  • disrupted sleep

  • exhaustion

  • frequently upset stomach

  • back aches

  • sugar cravings

  • low grade cold that won't go away

This is your body's way of communicating to you. This is your body saying... Hey you... we are stressed. Can you help us out? With each headache she is saying, "Please stop and pay attention. We need rest or connection or better nutrition or water." With each poor night of sleep she is saying, "Please turn off that brain. Please don't numb your stress with that sugar or alcohol when we need rest more. Please let tomorrow's worries live in tomorrow and not right now." With each upset stomach she is saying, "Can you see that this constant state of stress is the reason for these aches. Please don't bandaid this with medicine..." It is not uncommon when a client comes to me to solve for work stress, near burnout, or career frustration that her body has been alerting her for some time before she ever stopped to listen, to feel, and to take action. Imagine what that compromised health cost her? Those sleepless nights? Cost her attention and clear thinking. Her child's game she missed because of the migraines? Cost her a memory. That dates she cancelled because of the upset stomach? Cost her connection. The missed workouts because of the back aches? Cost her decreased health.

If you can relate to this please put your name on the waitlist for my Mastermind.

Ignoring these signs is costly.

DIYing getting out of burnout is not an efficient use of time.

Getting inspired and supported by other women is invaluable.

 We end burnout from the inside out.
 Not from quitting a job or a role, but from understanding what is actually causing the burnout - your thinking.
 And your thinking always shows up in the body.
Do you like the thoughts your body is revealing?


If not, I hope you'll seriously consider the Mastermind.