What If You Are the Difficult Person?

Feb 02, 2022

What if you (think you) are the difficult person?


What if you are?

And how is thinking this way about yourself creating the results you want in your life?

Lifted from real coaching conversations:

"Maybe I am too hard on my husband."

"Maybe I expect too much from my team."

"Maybe my standards are too high for my children."

"Maybe I could practice less judgment."

"Maybe I could be more patient."

Those innocent sounding thoughts are disguises for what you are really thinking:

Shit... maybe I am difficult to be married to, work with, be mothered by....

I am a difficult wife.

I am a difficult leader.

I am a difficult mom.

I am a difficult human.

I am difficult to please.

If any of these thoughts have entered your gorg brain I just want to hug you.

Judging yourself. Beating yourself up. Labeling yourself. Shaming yourself ....

None of those create feeling "less difficult."

Nope they create overwhelm, self doubt, low confidence, embarrassment, and a ton of second guessing.

But no worries....

These are just a series of thought errors.

And a sign that there is a lot of should'ing in your life ---

I should be able to tolerate X, they should act like Y, he should be like Z.....

My mission is to end unnecessary suffering.

I'm leaving world hunger and solving for all the injustices up to a different group, probs a smarter group.

I'll direct my mission to an audience I know I can serve.

An audience of high achievers who create their own misery and don't know how to stop doing so.

But I do.

And, not to brag, but it's becoming my super power.

Bring me your difficulties.

Bring me your self judgment.

Bring me your story.

And, I promise you an end to your suffering.

I promise you a release.

I promise you a new story.

It's my guarantee.

And, I believe it to my toes.

If you are ready to let go of your stories about "difficult" let's chat.

But, if you are committed to them; that's not a problem and I'm not your coach.

If you want just a taste of working with me, for goodness sake drive, fly, or train to my house February 12th for my retreat. I have three spots left. One has your name on it.

I can think of no better use of your time than to release yourself of thoughts that are creating difficulties in your life. Girl, you were made for more than wallowing in low level thoughts.

When I'm right. I'm right.