What I'm learning from a mama bird

Mar 28, 2021

I am becoming a bird lover. We take a dip in our hot tub every morning. Heaven. And, for the past week we have been watching a bird slowly build her nest in the rafters of our deck.

We soak quietly, sip our coffee, enjoy the heat and watch this mom taking tiny actions to build a home for her future babes.

One piece of moss at a time. Then she flies away and returns with one piece of mulch. And then flies away and returns with a little more moss. Ultimately adding a bit of mud to secure the moss to the mulch. I assume little branches will come next. Only time will tell. The nest is definitely not pre-fab. She isn't taking any short cuts. And, as she flies in and out she just seems so happy.

(My thought I know...)

She has purpose. She has a plan. And, she is taking continued action.

Lewis and I were wondering who taught her to seek out moss, mulch, and mud. We guessed she has learned this from trial and error. I bet she chose pieces of nature that didn't work before and she kept on experimenting until she found what did work.

And, today, while watching this flying mom I thought, This is exactly how one gets unstuck...

One new thought. One new feeling. One new action. Assess...

Change out that thought for this thought. One new feeling. One new action. Assess.

We are all building nests whether others will live in them or not. And the most fun nests to watch being built are the ones built by hands (or beaks) committed to their why, their purpose, their passion.

What shape is your nest taking?

Tweet Tweet,