What do you long for?

Jan 05, 2022

Whatever you long for, give to others.

Marie Forleo

The first time I read this sentence it stopped me in my tracks.

So simple and profound.

It's a version of do unto others eh?

Marie goes on:

If you long for more support, support others.

If you long for more appreciation, appreciate others.

If you long for more love and acceptance, love and accept others.

If you long for more recognition, recognize others.

If you long for more celebrations, celebrate others.

If you long for more understanding, understand others.

When you need something, that is the perfect time to give it to someone else.

Turn lack into abundance.

Turn want into give.

Contribute, don't complain.

With no strings attached.

Only to put great energy out into the universe.

You want your guy to plan a date, take him on one.

You want your boss to applaud your efforts, applaud hers.

You want your child to listen more closely, listen closely to him.

You want someone to send you flowers, send them to yourself.

You want some help around the house, offer help to your housemates.

Not to get what you want in return.

You'll be rewarded in more ways than you can guess.

It's sort of the opposite of the love languages...

You want gifts, gift others.

You want acts of service, serve someone else.

You want affirmation, affirm someone you love.

BUT... not to get anything in return.

Are you picking up what I"m putting down?

You do it because you feel abundant and of service.

Practice this.

It is life transforming.

No, really... for real transforming...