There will Always Be Difficult People

Feb 02, 2022

If you think you can live in a world where no one will rub you the wrong way, you are living in a Pinterest block.

So continuing on our theme...

Thought #3:
There will always be a "difficult' person in your orbit. This is not a problem.
I think we have been trained to think if someone is challenging then they are a problem.
Or, there is a problem.
Or, a problem will ensue.
What if we challenge these beliefs, habitual thoughts, ideas?

What if someone is a challenge and we think, "So what."
What if we think, "Hmmm.... wonder what my work around can be in this situation?"
Or, what is triggering me about this person?
Is there some healing I need to do internally that this person is "inviting" me to consider?

One more idea:
What if the next time this person you deem difficult says something, does something, doesn't do something you take all emotion out of their words, action or inaction and pretend someone you adore has said or done or not done the thing.

What thoughts do you have then?
Is any grace built?
Can you feel more neutral toward them?

Are you game to practice taking ownership that it is your thoughts making them difficult not their words, actions or inaction?

If you are a hell no.... why?
If you are a hell yes... why?
If you are a maybe ... what do you have to lose trying to reframe this?