The power of deciding in advance

Apr 17, 2023

I bet you already know the impact pre-deciding has on guaranteeing actions get taken. 

  • You map out your food for the week, shop for it, prep it and voila... chances are much greater you will eat healthier meals. 
  • You pre determine where your money will go this month and then you simple follow the plan. Far more likely you will not overspend and will actually save. 
  • You schedule your 3 exercise classes for this week, pay for them, put them in your phone, and confirm your friend will join you. Far more likely you will move your body this week. 
  • You pre decide what you are game to accept and not accept before you enter the salary negotiation. You are far more likely not to be caught off guard and to remain calm as the conversation unfolds. 
  • You pre decide the path you will drive to get to your destination. You are far more likely to be aware of tolls, roadblocks, construction, the time it will take. 
  • You pre decide when you are going to the dentist, doctor, getting your mammogram and book them. You are far more likely to actually have clean teeth, a clean bill of health, and catch anything suspicious. 

Pre-deciding has tremendous impact on goal achievement. 

When we pre decide we are tapping into our adult brain, our pre frontal cortex.
The part of our brain that is able to make mature decisions,
decide what is best versus what is most pleasurable.
When we pre decide we reduce the fatigue of deciding in the moment
and of defaulting to old habits. 

Pre-deciding is very powerful. 
But don't underestimate the need to make the decision after the pre-decision to actually do the thing you pre decided. 

Confused? Below are some examples of decisions after the decision. 

  • You pre decide when you will exercise and then decide that you will not allow yourself to negotiate a different time.
  • You pre decide when you are going to call that contact and then decide that, when it comes time to make the call you will embrace all the anxious feelings and not let them hijack your plan. 
  • You pre decide how you will spend money this month and then decide that no temptation will be given into, no matter what. 


Step one - Pre-decide
Step two - Make the decision that insures the pre-decision happens. 

Hugs, K