So what?

Feb 06, 2024

Two words can unlock a lot of limiting beliefs. 

He gave you a last minute assignment. So what?
Her report wasn't ready on time. So what?
Your partner always has to be reminded to x. So what? 
You did not speak up during the meeting. So what?
You don't feel qualified for the job. So what?
You didn't get the job. So what?
You are nervous for the interview. So what?
They always interrupt you when you door is closed. So what?
She's an inept boss. So what? 

Does this sound harsh?
Not my intention. 
It is to jar you out of emotion and put you back in the land of facts.

I see too many people share a story where they assume their listener's reaction will be "oh darn, or poor you, or that's unfair, or no way."  
So imagine my clients' surprise when I respond to this type of story with two words:

So What? 

And then we dive deep.
So what do you want to make this mean?
So what are you making this mean?
So what is next?
So what do you have control over?
So what lesson have you learned?

If you want to change your future you must think differently than you have thought in the past. 

Part of creating a new freer you is challenging your default thoughts. 
When x happens, for sure it is always unfair.
When y happens, it is always reasonable to be frustrated.
When z happens, everyone would agree I was in the right. 

Get rid of the extreme ways of interpreting a situation. 
Esp if your interpretations feed a story that you are right and the other is wrong. 
So what? 
Maybe you are.
Maybe you aren't.
What result do you most want?
Does fueling your side of the story get you what you most desire? 
Or, does fueling your side of the story create more obstacles to what you most desire? 

If you to take a deeper dive on this subject, I know I can help you .Book a free one hour chat with me to play the SO WHAT game.  Promise it will stir emotions in you and maybe even create a new way of processing facts. 

Your so what coach,