What benefits you, benefits those around you.

Dec 07, 2022

What benefits you, benefits those around you. 
I've heard the chitter chatter about self care being selfish. 
Nothing could be more inane to think. 

When you take care of you, your body, your brain, your emotions, everyone around you experiences your upleveling. 

Everyone around you benefits from the kindness you show yourself.
Everyone around you experiences your centeredness. 

In the short term it may seem like
taking the time to journal and rewire your brain,
going on a run,
booking the massage
is taking time away from others,
but I promise you what may appear to be less time for others now
will be far more quality and impactful time later, 
once you get in a rhythm of caring for you. 

Can we all just agree that there need not be any guilt or shame
around doing the internal and external work of caring for us? 

Go forth and self care,