Self Care isn't just a bubble bath

Dec 07, 2022

I recently sent a survey out to all of you asking which areas you wanted to focus on elevating most in your life. And, self care and health was the number one answer. Followed by relationships and mindset. 
So, I am going to address all three over the next few weeks. 

But first.... let me share what I have learned about self care. 

Self care is so much more than what you do outside of you to treat yourself - a manicure, a massage, a bubble bath, a nap. 

Self care starts on the inside.
Self care begins with what you think. 

The foundation of self care is caring for what you tell yourself, what soundtrack you play in your head, being kind to yourself. 

Getting a massage while thinking about all the things you "need" to do, or worrying about your stomach or legs, or going on and on with the masseuse about how stressed you are is hardly going to create calm or self love or a lasting benefit. 

I am all for treats. 
I am all for pampering myself.
But, I know that anything I do for myself that is outside of me
is just icing on the cake.

True pampering is taking deliberate, loving care of how I talk to myself, what I choose to focus on, the story I tell myself about my day, life, relationships, etc... 
We can call it mind care. 
We can call it thought care.
We can call it mindset care. 
And in all cases, it is the core of self care.

So go on that run.
Make yourself a yummy healthy dinner.
Get on your mat. 

And all the while get very aware of what you are thinking while you take care of your beautiful you. 

If you are "making yourself: eat a nutrient rich dinner as punishment for all the goodies you had on the weekend, that is not self care. 
If you are going on a run to reshape a body you judge and talk to in a mean way, that is not self care. 
If you are on your mat and comparing yourself to everyone else around you, that is not self care. 

Are you picking up what I am putting down? 
What is one thought you can think that is in alignment with caring for you?
A thought that comes from love and respect.
A thought that creates feelings of calm and ease. 
(what most people try to create through an action like a massage or spa day or run or yoga class.)

Care to share it with me? 
I"d love to start a list, anonymously of course. 


P.S. If you want help with any of this, let's chat.  Helping women rewire their brains and focus on this version of self care radically changes their lives. Guaranteed.