Self Care is not about having a positive mindset all the time

Dec 09, 2022

Just be positive. 
Think positive thoughts.
Look on the bright side.
Turn your frown upside down. 


Being human means having emotions. 
Feeling those emotions creates emotional agility and intelligence.
Ignoring them creates dysfunction. 

Telling someone to just think positive thoughts is rather naive and ineffective.
I think similarly about affirmations or mantras,
unless you totally believe what you are saying. 
You are going to experience negative feelings.
You are going to think negative thoughts. 

Mindset work, as part of self care,
is not about bathing yourself in
only good thoughts.

You are not a robot. 
You are living, thinking, feeling human. 

Mindset work is becoming aware of the thoughts
that are creating all your stories, assumptions, opinions.

The soundtrack of your life. 
Your reality. 
And then deciding on purpose which ones you want to discard,
stop thinking, or shift in order
to care for yourself more deliberately,
more lovingly,
more effectively. 

So, as part of elevating your self care I encourage you to take pen to paper each day and empty out all the thoughts running through your beautiful brain. 
All of them.
No exceptions. 
And, no judging. 
This creates the awareness required to identify what part of your soundtrack needs some re-engineering.
or at least getting a lot pickier about your Greatest Hits thoughts. 

You create what you think. 
Create on purpose. 

In self care love, 

P.S. If you want help with any of this, let's chat.  Helping women rewire their brains and focus on this version of self care radically changes their lives. Guaranteed.