Self Care is about being honest with your desires

Dec 09, 2022

Continuing on the theme of self care not really being about a bubble bath, but instead about your internal life - thoughts, rest, and truth, if you are denying what you most desire and still booking the manicures or yoga sessions they will be nothing more than distractions that appear to be self care. 

True self care is being truly in alignment with your inner most desires. 

Working as an accountant, but dreaming of being a bakery owner creates immense disconnect in one's life. 
It doesn't matter how much mindset work you do, if you are misplaced professionally, peace and calm will be hard to achieve.

If you are surrounded by piles and clutter that create overwhelm and take no action to sort, purge, and organize, no amount of journaling will create the self love and calm you seek. 

You can distract yourself with gardening or reading or a bubble bath, but the high won't last long if you are not being truthful about what you most desire. 

I hear some say they can't follow their deepest desire because of a relationship, finances, sunken costs, golden handcuffs, etc...
And, that is never true. 

You know how I know? 
Because somehow when a disruption occurs - laid off, divorced, market tanks, health diagnosis,  movement happens.
Change is the new reality.
Rethinking your values, desires, and future moves to the present day.
Where one once felt stuck, one is now free
(albeit with some unsettled feelings, but the "stuck" excuse no longer fits.) 

True self care is being truly in alignment with your inner most desires. 

You can wait for a disruptor or you can be in control of disrupting. 
Either way, the straightest path to a life of alignment is embracing what you desire most. 

If you are ready to step into the next version of you, the elevated version of you, the most aligned version of you, it would be my honor to guide, support and coach you. It starts with a free one hour call to learn more about you and me and coaching. And it ends with a whole new way of thinking and being three short months later.  By March 2023 could be looking at your life in a whole different way. 

What you desire, desires you.