Ready to stop overthinking?

Apr 17, 2023

Where could you be making decisions faster, easier and more effectively?
Where do you want to improve?
Where do you want to shift your thinking from problems to solutions? 
What changes in your life do you want to make? 

Want to know how to make all the above way easier? 
Stop overthinking. 

Overthinking skews negative.
Overthinking does not play fair. 
Overthinking may appear necessary to make sure you have thought of "everything." 
But that is not possible. 
You don't even know everything. 

Overthinking thrives on fear.
Overthinking likes to overcomplicate.
Overthinking can feel responsible.
Overthinking delays inevitable discomfort.
Overthinking can lead to obsessing.
Overthinking is fuel for self sabotage.
Overthinking is terrified of failure. 
Overthinking steals your hours and days.

Guess how you can solve for overthinking? 
TAKE some damn action. 

(And by action I don't mean...doing MORE research or crowd sourcing. That is passive action that appears smart, necessary, responsible, but really... it keeps you stuck. I am talking about an action that forces you forward. Ask me how I know? )

Action is like water for the overthinking fire. 
Take one step. 
Then another. 
Up the speed. 
Start to jog. 
Increase it to a run. 
Assess along the way, but don't stop moving. 
Will you trip? 
Will you need to stop to catch your breath.
Um. You are human, so yes. 
Will your shoe come untied. 
No biggie. 
Will people pass you?
For sure.
Will any of that matter?
Nope, because you will be patting yourself on the back for moving and not spinning.
You will high five yourself for looking ahead at the path and not behind at where you were.
You will throw in some "hell yes << Test First Name >>" as you tame the overthinker and replace her with action taker. 

There are no wrong or right decisions.
There are just decisions.
You get to make it right or wrong.
You get to win or learn.

  • Ask the question.
  • Choose the food protocol.
  • Spend the money.
  • Apply for the job.
  • Choose the paint color. 
  • Hire help. 
  • Ask for what you need.
  • Leave.
  • Take the job. 
  • Quit the job.
  • Get the botox.
  • Cut your hair.
  • Give all the "but one day I may need this" stuff away.
  • Book the trip. 
  • Make the call.
  • Ask for help.

Overthinking HATES action.
Action threatens the safety of staying stuck.

What is one action you can take today to counter a thought you may think on repeat, overthink on repeat, obsess on repeat? 

First step --- identify the thoughts. 
Don't overthink which thought to squash. (ironic much?)
Choose one thought - action.
Act on it - more action.
Rinse and repeat. 

If overthinking is keeping you stuck, I invite you to take action and enroll in YOU: Elevated. Friend, overthinking creates worry, paralysis, self doubt, judging, fear, and a pretty mediocre life. If you reading this far, I know you are not one for a mediocre life. 

Extraordinary requires action.
Elevation requires action.

I"m here for you.
I will not let you fail.