Let's go back to the seven year old you

Jul 30, 2022

I have a few questions for you at that age....
What do you want to do when you are older?
What do you believe about life?
What do you believe about money?
What do you believe you are capable of?
What is off limits for you?
What do you believe about love?
Who do you trust the most?
Who do you play with?
Who do you not trust?
What did you think about school?
Did you spend your free time collecting critters or coloring?
Did you dance in circles in the living room or cocoon in bed with a book, or both?
Did you escape in your day dreams?
Did you think much beyond being 7?

There is a gold mind of clues when you consider the answers to these questions.
So much of what I do now professionally is related to my pretend play when I was 7.

Any if you were experiencing a lot of trauma at that age, move the age to when you are more clear about dreaming for yourself and not staying in survival.

Your 53 year old coach who often channels her above 7 year old self,