Lessons from a massage table

Mar 28, 2021

I got a massage Wednesday. But it wasn't the "I felt like jello when it was over" experience. Sure, my body released some tension, but mostly I left with a gift far more profound that looser muscles.

I handed over a pretty tight body to the masseuse. And, every time she started working on yet another knotty tender area I would sigh, let out an "ohh gosh.." then tighten every other part of my body, my jaw, my shoulders, my fists, my legs... My primal reaction was to resist the pain and distract myself by tensing up, everywhere else and to react with words.

The masseuse was patient with me for about 10 minutes and then, with complete confidence and no judgment said, "Kristin, I invite you to soften into the bed and lean into the pain."
I almost felt embarrassed and I then I started to giggle. Soften in... and lean in.... Wow. She was actually coaching my brain, more than massaging my body.

This is exactly what I invite my clients to do. Feel all the feelings. Let go of resistance. Go right into the center of the discomfort.

And when they trust in me, like I trusted in her, they melt into the experience and run toward the pain knowing on the other side is such freedom.