It's always too early to quit

Jan 05, 2022

Wow... that hits me hard as I am a frequent quitter.

I quit exercise programs.

I quit food protocols.

I quit Netflix series.

I quit going to church.

I quit posting on instagram.

I quit jobs.

I quit commitments to limit my wine.

I quit when physical things get hard.

I quit when I get bored.

I quit when I lie to myself that it isn't that important any way.

But... I am entering 2022 with this as my primary thought:


Right before you quit is when you really have to lean into your inner strength, your hard why, the power of your thoughts, why you committed in the first place right? Hmm.... right before quitting is when I'd have to generate more resilience. That would serve me very well eh?

Imagine what I can accomplish in 2022 if I play this thought on repeat all year? It is always too soon to quit something that I clearly desire.

Better health.

Improved fitness.

Stronger spiritual health.



I'd never think of quitting my marriage, my role as a mom, sister, and daughter, my coaching business, my care for our pets. And sometimes I get bored in these areas. Sometimes these roles get hard, but I never lie to myself that they aren't important. I know to my toes that they are.

So, now it's time for me to believe that to my toes about my role in caring for myself - emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.