Is your life full or busy?

Mar 08, 2022

Here's how you know... Busy drains. Full fills.

A busy life is filled with...

  • distractions

  • exhaustion

  • ineffectiveness

  • stress

  • scatter

A busy life distracts us from what we really care about. A busy life distracts us from who we care most about. A busy life is all about adding more. Catching up while also falling behind, and repeating it daily.

A full life is filled with ....

  • meaning

  • thought

  • passion

  • focus

  • presence

A full life is intentional and filled with what you really care about with a focus on spending time with who we really care about. A full life isn't about doing it all. It's about selectivity. And intention. About crawling into bed at the end of the day content with how you spent your minutes and hours and with a pleasant anticipation of tomorrow. 

A busy life leads to headaches and a racing heart. While a full life encourages smiles and deep breaths. A busy life is measured by check marks on a to-do list. A full life is measured by inner calm and contentment.

What is one thing you can do today to lean toward full and away from busy?

Some ideas: Identify what matters and discard what doesn't. Show up for the people you love. Create the time and space to listen to your intuition, and connect with what matters most to you.

You were made for fullness, not busyness.