Is your calendar cluttered?

Apr 20, 2021

When I decided to go all in on my coaching business
I also decided to clear my calendar.
I resigned from several volunteer roles.
I left my job.
And the pandemic provided me with extra space
where previously I would have been socializing,
going out of town to visit family and friends, etc...

What I learned is that in order to create a rhythm and success in my business I really did need to get serious about clutter, what was most essential for my mental health and business health. Where I was on autopilot in my life. Where Yes was my default answer instead of, "Let me give myself some space to decide if I truly want to do this."

It invited me to question every single thing I chose to put on my calendar.
So, now I filter what I do through the lens of essentialism.

Connecting with others is essential, just not with the frequency of my pre business life.
Creating boundaries between work and home is essential. I have so much fun in my business I could focus on it 24/7 and that would have a negative impact on other areas of my life I also love (namely my marriage!)
Getting coached is essential - a mastermind, a one on one business coach and one on one life coach.
Learning is essential. I create space to read, take courses, attend webinars.
Choosing the perfect font. Not essential.
Scanning for every typo. Not essential.
Fulfilling other's expectations of me. Not essential.

The lesson I have learned is that to create more (authenticity, growth, success) I needed to do less.
To delete, delegate and edit.
But so many of us think we need to add... I'll squeeze this in here. I'll fit this in here. I'll say yes to two more things.
Surely that will fill a hole in my life. That will be the thing I need to feel more worthy. That will be a way to please others.
That sounds like busy. And there is no medal for busy.

The answer does not have to be No to everything...
But, I do recommend the question be,
Is this activity serving my highest good?
Is this activity in alignment with my highest values?
Is this role for my ego or because I am truly committed to the cause/mission/job?

What if you gave yourself an hour this week to take a hard look at your calendar.
What is on it there that is a non negotiable?
What is on it that you simply adore doing?
And, what is on it that creates dread, resentment, exhaustion....
Would you be game to entertain deleting those things? (a volunteer role, that tennis contract)
or outsourcing them? (cleaning the house, making dinner)
or replacing them with something you authentically love (like an ew job.)

Less is more.
Expansiveness is created by intentional choices.
Margin and space are necessary in everyone's life...
Pause, breathe, assess, get aware.
There is so much freedom available to you if you are willing to make some choices.
Get real with you on your way to revealing the real you to everyone else.

Run toward emotional wealth ---
There is no material item I could own that would create the richness I have in my life.
I embraced discomfort.
Built trust in myself that whatever I chose to do would be perfect for me.
And was willing to disappoint others on my way to elating myself!

Many of my clients have done this.
One stopped "taking care" of her family members' emotions.
One committed to leaving work at 6pm every night on her way to creating boundaries between her home and work life.
One stopped saying yes to her colleagues interruptions or agendas.
One stopped consuming information (so she could do it perfectly...) and started taking imperfect action.
One quit her job.
One started to value her sleep above all else.
One is ready to take on more at work and asked for a raise as part of up-leveling.

Are you ready to do the same?

Your essentialism coach,

P. S. Ready for a conversation about your calendar? Let's chat. I know I can help you delegate, delete and get hyper clear on what lights you up.