I do not trust my brain

Apr 17, 2023

I don't trust my brain.
(I mean... she's lovely and all, but ... she can run cray cray sometimes)

She can get very lazy and she’s prone to acting like a toddler - wants immediate gratification, no patience, only wants to feel good, yells when not getting what she wants (inside yell, not outside yell)

So, I have a trick that helps me manage her.
Pre deciding.

This is the single most powerful mind hack I have learned through coaching:

  • Pre decide what you will eat today instead of letting your brain decide in the moment. Impulsive brain. Chances are your hand won't dip into the bag of chips as often.
  • Pre decide when you will work out instead of fitting it in on the fly as your brain will be like, “Really… but you already showered, and skipping one day won’t matter.”
  • Pre decide your work tasks. I like to schedule things I am likely to avoid in my business -  financial decisions, organizing paper work, tidying up my office, and then go to the fun part - writing, video making, instagram.
  • Pre decide how you will show your partner love and affection today. If you wait to feel motivated to stop all the mind racing and just focus on how much you love your partner, it may never happen.  It also takes the pressure off of them to do something magical that forces you to remember how much you love them. Just let them go through their normal day and you create magic with your pre decisions
  • Pre decide you will always get your money’s worth. When I hire a coach, join a mastermind, buy a ticket to a concert, buy a book, write a check for my daughter’s tuition, etc… I have already decided that the money was well spent and then I look for evidence to prove that to myself. This does not make me a less discriminating consumer. It makes me a wise user of money. There is always something to learn  - even if it is, “Man, that rockstar has aged and his voice has soured, but what guts to get up and perform like that. Where can I keep showing up even if I am not on my A game?”
  • Pre decide not to complain, or judge, or have a lousy time... You are getting the hang of this now eh? 

What can you pre-decide today?

What can you go all in on and not let your unruly brain offer hesitations? A relationship, a job, a meal plan, an exercise program, a business you are starting,?

I promise… this one trick will move decision making from your primitive brain to your sophisticated brain (the pre frontal cortex) and the shift will be profound.

I've pre decided I am going to have a fabulous day,