I am 53 today and apparently, also a hiker

Aug 05, 2021

Today is my birthday (cue the hootin' and hollarin')
Often a day of reflection, question asking, and measuring.
How much have I grown since last year?
Do I need to up my botox game?
Have I served more people this year than the year before?
Where do I want to be one year from now?
Is this the year to give up mini skirts and bikinis?
Can I still see and hear?

Well... this year I am doing something new.
I am redefining myself.
I am emptying out my closets of identifies and tossing a bunch out and adding a few more.

I am no longer someone who sucks at physical activity.
I am now a hiker.

I am no longer a cook.
I am one who sources food and focuses on the conversation.

I am no longer new at being an entrepreneur
I am a seasoned professional who knows just how to grow and sustain a business.

I am not longer too loud.
I am full of enthusiasm for all that surrounds me.

I am no longer behind.
I am a 53 year old woman who has 30 years ahead of her to serve and grow and evolve.

We choose our identifies, but we often let them be formed by old stories
Stories that others have helped us write. Stories like these:

I am not one who loses weight easily.

I am disorganized.

I am a perfectionist.

I am the quiet one.

I am the peace keeper.

I am not one who divorces.

I am the one who takes care of everyone in our family.

I'm not an exerciser

I'm not artistic

Well I invite you to call bullshit on those types of stories.
You can dismiss them in one instant.
No need to wallow and worry. Just toss it out the window and choose your new identity.
Then, start practicing being that person.

I have just returned from a mini college reunion that included a hike a day for three days.
As I had told myself forever that I am not a hiker I brought that self concept to Oregon.
My friends kept checking in with me.
How are you Kristin?
Look at you go...
Do you need a rest?
Bless them.
But, also, I am a very capable walker (have been since I was 1) and hiking is really just walking with some inclines and declines. So, i realize I can be a hiker if I want to be a hiker.

The hikes were not strenuous, always gorgeous, and offered a great chance for conversation, being in awe of nature, meeting new people, snacking (duh), and shifting thoughts.

All shapes, sizes and ages were on these hikes.
I'm guessing some I passed thought they may not belong on these paths.

But, I also hope that as they walked and connected to nature or others they started to embrace the identify of hiker. Or maybe they decided on that hike that they were now not a smoker, or a drinker, or a couch potato, or a city seeker.... Who knows.

The point is.
You always get to decide who you are.
You get to define you.
Others may disagree with your definition of you.
They are just confused.
The new you has not caught up with them yet.
Be patient.
They'll catch on.

Today may not be your birthday, but any day of the year is a good day to become aware of the stories you tell yourself and decide if they are stories you want to keep embracing.

Tag, you're it.
Let me know if you are ready to be coached through changing your stories.

Your hiking, non-cooking, loud, right on time coach,