I am ....

Apr 17, 2023


Two of the most powerful words whispered, thought or spoken.
And, we get to use that power to create any "I am" you want. 

I AM  directs your life 
I AM creates the actions for you to become the person you want to be.
I AM tells the universe how you view yourself and also,
I AM tells the world what you wish to become.
I AM  creates possibilities.
I AM  begins a chain reaction to bring into your life the results you most want. 

<<First Name>>, how would you describe yourself? 

I am disorganized.
I am a bad sleeper.
I am loved.
I am a great cook.
I am the life of the party.
I am shy.
I am miserable.
I am inspired.
I am the hero of my story.
I am resourceful.
I am broke.
I am overwhelmed.
I am stuck. 
I am living a regret free life. 

None of these are truths. 
They are thoughts.

And, you get to choose to think anything you want to think.
So, let's do this again.
When asked... 
<<First Name>>, who are you? 
What if you were kind to yourself with how you answered that?
What if you paused and let go of your default answers.
What if you answered from a place of abundance and growth and love and possibility?
What if you didn't even entertain limits and critiques and lack? 

And don't get me started on adding "just" after I AM ...
no way, ix-nay.

Unless it is in this context:
I am just amazing.
I am just wow.
I am just the coolest person I know.
I am just getting started...
Now you're talking. 


I AM so grateful you read this.