How to unbusy

Mar 08, 2022

Tuesday's challenge was to look at your calendar, or to do list and ask what is on there because you decided it SHOULD be?

No judging you or anyone else.
This was about gathering data not creating drama.

What did you discover?
What did you identify that you are only doing because you think you should?
Are there things on the list that need to be done, but that someone else can do?
Can you find things on the list that you are doing to please another person?
Are there things on your list you are doing to feel worthy? enough?

Those things my friend are what creates busyness.
Those are the things crowding your space.
Those are the things that are keeping you out of authenticity, integrity, and alignment.

So, now...
Next step.
Time to delegate or eliminate.

Everything on your calendar doesn't actually have to get done by you.
But the reason you are doing it is to avoid feeling discomfort asking someone to handle this, or to stop doing something that will displease another, or the fear of establishing a boundary.
That's okay.

You can always embrace discomfort when you are fully committed to a full life and not a busy life.
Circle what someone else can do - clean the house, pay the bills, write that report, take the kids to A, B or C places, plan the meals, keep the house tidy, etc....

Asking for someone's help is a chance for them to grow and you to establish new boundaries.
Everyone can win. Kids can do laundry. I have evidence.
Your child can turn in sloppy homework and reap their own rewards/consequences.
You can swap money to hire someone to clean your house for fullness.
You can take short cuts with meal prep (premade Fresh Market meals for the win!)
You can hire a babysitter to take kids to their activities.
You get to decide if being an extraordinary mom, wife, boss, employee, daughter means doing it all, or being selective, and not following someone else's rules.


Everything on your calendar does not have to get done ever.

Read that again.

Do you really need to make the photo album?

Do you really need to have that volunteer role?

Do you really need to double check all of your employees' work?

Do you really need to promote your business on social media daily?

Do you really need to iron the sheets (you know who you are.....)?

Do you really need to read one more book about your industry?

Can you see how freeing crossing something off your list forever can feel?

I did this with the photo albums. Not going to happen. That's okay. I'm a fab mom even if I don't have a daily record of my daughters' lives. And my girls will get a great chance to make their own photo albums if that is something they value. Thought shift.

I left a few volunteer roles when I went all in on my business. Eliminated them from my life. That's okay. I'm a fab citizen. I've served many. I opened up space for some one else to fill the role and learn and serve and give. Perfect. Thought shift.

I don't market how everyone says to market. That's okay. My business continues to grow. The more spaciousness I create the more I can be present for my clients. More posts create busyness for me, not fullness, and I am a fully present coach. Thought shift.

I barely do laundry so I am not one who irons my sheets....

I am working on the book one...

I always think there is one more idea that deserves a deep dive.

I often think I should know more.

I often expect myself to have read anything to which I refer.

I'll get there.

And, the way I will is if I commit to spaciousness over consumption.

Full over busy.

Your "I give you permission" coach,