How do you want to feel this year? NOT, what are you goals?

Jan 16, 2023

I'm a coach. 
I love self development. 
I love calendars.
I love lists. 

But, I dread all the January 1st goal setting. 
It feels so artificial. 
And whatever one commits to, rarely gets produced. 

So, I am doing something different. 
I am not asking myself to set goals for the coming year or month or week. 
Instead I will decide how I want to feel. Here are some examples....

If I want to feel healthy, movement and nutrition, 15 minute yoga routines, hiring a trainer, investigating supplements, choosing a rotating list of recipes, etc...  are added to my action items.

If I want to feel abundant, being more consistent with sharing information in my business, hosting more webinars, donating more money and time to organizations and people I admire, hosting more friends in our home, etc... are added to my action items.

If I want to feel more elegant and feminine, getting more selective about my style, my interactions with Lewis, up leveling my stationery and fragrance, having fresh flowers in the house, moving a bit more slowly and deliberately throughout my day, etc...  are added to my action items. 

If I want to feel more confident, taking more professional risks, finding more speaking gigs, being more bold in my writings, being kind to my body, reminding myself of my gifts, etc... are added to my action list. 

Do you see the difference? 

Goals in isolation can feel very sterile. 
And even though we say we want to achieve them, may not always be what we actually want. 

I understand that there is a school of thought that relies on the SMART system for goal setting. 

Or encourages accountability partners.

Or asks you to list your three most important tasks today to achieve your goals. 

All are wonderful.
All make sense.
And none are sustainable if you haven't identified the feeling you want to feel by achieving the goal. 


Choose how you want to feel today, tomorrow and yes,
even on January 1st... 

(would anyone actually write: ordinary?)

And from there decide what you will do to generate these feelings. 

Great hack: When you wake in the morning decide what your want your primary feeling to be and then choose your actions accordingly. Remember, there is a season for each area of our lives. If you are really focussed on health I don't recommend throwing in seven other feelings related to other areas of your life. Just focus on feeling committed or strong or energetic and see how you move through your day. 

Feelings do not happen to us. 
They are created based on the thoughts we think .
And thoughts do not happen to us either. We choose them. 
Our thoughts are our interpretations of situations and circumstances in our life. 

Great hack 2.0: Choose the feeling and then select a few thoughts that will create this feeling and further insure you'll take the actions you are hoping to take based on feeling the way you do. 

Questions? Feel free to reach out. Happy to offer more ideas about this method of creating elevation and growth in your life .

Huge hugs to you as you celebrate the final days of 2022 and usher in 2023. 


P.S. I am choosing five feelings for 2023 - Abundant, Joy, Free, Feminine, and Expert. I will let you know how it goes. I'll probably reassess at the end of each season and decide if these are the feelings I want to continue to generate or if there is a new one to add and one or two that feel complete.