How are you stretching yourself?

Apr 17, 2023

Do you wake each day with the intention of stretching yourself, even if just a bit? 
Learning a new word
Reading something challenging
Putting yourself in someone else's shoes
Sitting on the "other side" and being curious, instead of judging
Learning a new recipe.
Upping your LinkedIn skills
Improving your pickle ball game
Lifting a heavier weight
Resisting your sugar urge
Doing a push up. 
Getting rid of one pile
Challenging that one belief

If you are not moving the growth needle by 1% might you consider doing so? One micro action - 2 minutes or under - on repeat will eventually have huge impact.

365 new words this year.
365 push ups this year.
365 new recipes. 
365 days with out the refined white stuff.
365 piles gone. 

Time multiplies your actions. 

This is also how we step into new identities. 
And shifting identities is the method of elevating. 
Have you defined yourself the same way for awhile? 
Ready to shift that definition?
Ready to view yourself differently?

Choose one tiny action and keep repeating it. 
Soon the action will become a new habit. 
And new habits are actually behavior shifts.
And when we shift enough behaviors we shift our identity.

We go from being a couch potato to a regular 5k'er.
We go from being a clutter bug to an organized woman. 
We go from being a sugar addict to a woman who resists concentrated food.
We go from being a take out queen to a woman who cooks. Or even simply, a cook. 

It does not take enormous leaps.
It does not take herculean effort.

It takes choosing one thing. Spending 2 minutes in it each day. 
( choosing the recipe takes 2 minutes, cooking the meal takes more time, but we are practicing the first action - the recipe selection)
2 minutes a day on LinkedIn really will up your skill level. 

Game to try this? 
2 minutes. 
That's all. 
Micro steps really are effective. 
Ask me how I know... 

Hugs, K