Get rid of the shoulds

Aug 30, 2021

Let's play two truths and a lie about moi.

I am super productive.

I love routines.

I am very organized.


Well I do not like routines.

And, the relief I felt after admitting this to myself this summer has created such freedom.

Now that I work for myself I have enjoyed very flexible days and weeks.

But, that has not stopped me from pressuring myself to adopt:

A morning routine.

A workout routine.

A night time routine.

A mid day routine.

A journal routine.

A meditation routine.

A dry brushing routine.

A social media routine for my business.

Whatev... all the ones that all the people talk about on insta.

I kept trying and failing,

I used to think this meant something was wrong with me.

That I didn't have follow through.

That I was a loser.

That I was missing some key DNA.

Until I realized...

That's all bullshit because...

I like the results in my life

(ok... I have some lbs to lose, but otherwise...)

Sometimes I wake at 7am and other days I wake at 8:30am.

Somedays I fast in the morning and other days I devour eggs and toast.

Sometimes I hop on my treadmill first thing and other days I pass on working out.

Sometimes I record 3 videos for my biz insta page and other weeks I record none.

And I no longer beat myself up about any of it.

This is my takeaway.

Don't let other people's versions of what is ideal, be your version of ideal.

Don't measure your days against someone else's day.

If you like the results you have in your life - high five friend.

If you are ready to tweak, do so without judging yourself.

Tweak because you really want to, not because you should ...

gross... spit that word out. Yuck.

You don't need my permission. Obv.

But, if I am one step ahead of you and can offer you hand,

grab it girl. It's yours to take.