Frozen in inaction

Feb 06, 2024

Have you ever found yourself frozen? 
Stuck in inaction?
Spinning in place?

Yup, me too. 

And, when this happens it feels overwhelming. 

Most of the time we are frozen because we don't have the confidence to make a decision.
A decision to quit. 
A decision to leave. 
A decision to launch.
A decision to throw your name in the ring. 
A decision to take a risk.
A decision to shift industries.
A decision to go against everyone's advice.
A decision to trust ourself no matter what. 

I get it. 
No one wants to make a wrong decision. 

But, what if you thought about decision making differently?
What if there are no wrong decisions (just a thought, not a fact)?
There are just decisions.
That's it. 
And you get to tell yourself whatever story you want about the decision. 
It's that simple. 

Could you feel your frozen self thawing out a bit if you were to embrace this approach? 

Think of it this way.
You make a decision. 
There is an outcome from your decision. 
You then ask yourself:

  • what worked?
  • what didn't work?
  • what will I do differently next time? 

And then keep going. 
Make the next decision. 
Embrace the outcome. 
And repeat those questions to yourself. 

No wrong. 
No right. 
Just a decision.
Just an outcome. 

As my mentor taught me:
We are either winning or learning.
No failing. No "wrong."
Just opportunities for growth, self awareness, honing intuition, and pivoting. 

This is what I do with my clients.
I help them get speedy about making decisions.
I help them assess the outcomes. 
I help them build self confidence no matter the outcome. 
I help them get unstuck.
I help them think differently about a lot of things, but first about how to interpret a decision. 
If you are tired of feeling stuck. 
Tired of taking no action. 
Tired of being tired... this approach may be for you. 
Happy to have a conversation to see if I can help.