Flying first class

Jul 30, 2022

Do you invite regular pleasure into your life? Or does pleasure seem optional? Optional sounds like.... Once I get through this list I can go on the walk. Once my house is clean, I can read my new book. Once I get the promotion, I can take a day off. Once I make x dollars I can buy my dream X. Once this project is turned in, I can join my friends for drinks after work. Once my body is this size, I can feel sensual. Once the kids are launched, I can take a trip with my husband. I see you if those ring true. So, part of my midlife mission is to be very intentional about putting my pleasure at the top of the list. I am a woman who seeks pleasure in my work. I am a woman who seeks pleasure in my marriage. I am a woman who seeks pleasure in my mothering. I am a woman who seeks pleasure in my friending. I am a woman who seeks pleasure as a daughter, sister, auntie. I am a woman who seeks pleasure in my home. And, let me tell you... prioritizing pleasure is shifting everything. I'm still getting all the things done, but not in a frazzled way. I am saying No so much more often if a Yes would not create pleasure. I'm dating my husband. I'm traveling to meet friends. I am playing with my daughters. I'm lighting candles, and arranging flowers, and playing fab music at home. I'm buying clothes I adore. And I am making sure I lead my business from a place of fun and ease. So, back to flying First Class. A few months ago I signed up for a Business Image Mastermind. I love investing in my brain and my business and this program sounded so pleasurable. (and it was amazing!) So, to create a bit more pleasure I decided to fly first class to and from Denver. (I used points that were hard earned in my business instead of conserving them like I've been doing...) And, the pleasure I received thinking about this flight for the three months leading up to the trip was almost transforming. It made me think of what was possible a little differently. It made me think about the shift pleasure can make in your life. Maybe flying first class is already a part of your routine. Or maybe it holds no appeal. Hell, maybe it sounds frivolous. No worries. Don't fixate on what I did for pleasure, focus on where you can create more in your life. And, it was on the flight, while stretching out my legs and sipping a delicious glass of chardonnay in a real glass, I became very clear about my professional mission:

To help women at midlife create fulfillment in their personal and professional lives, by focussing on pleasure.

I used to think a focus on pleasure sounded shallow. I now believe there couldn't be a less true thought. Pleasure leads to fulfillment. And, fulfillment is the actual measure of success. How successful do you feel? How much pleasure are you enjoying? Where are you feeling unfulfilled? If you want help addressing these answers, I'd love to support you. Your "pleasure is not optional" coach, Kristin P.S. Some pleasure ideas:

  • Take a bed day - seriously, do everything from your bed - read, eat, nap, pet your dog, write notes, binge some shows.

  • Add fresh flowers to your desk. Create an at work playlist. Empty your desk of clutter.

  • Book a hotel room for one night and go alone. Take yourself out for a lovely dinner. Wear a gorgeous night gown. Get room service to deliver breakfast

  • Go to your local flower shop and order a bouquet to be delivered to you.

  • Get a few $5 gift cards and surprise folks with them - the mail carrier, the woman at the dry cleaner, your manicurist, your UBER driver, the Fed Ex person who delivers to your office each day...

  • Buy a room spray for your office desk. Spray it before you check email, or pick up the phone.

  • Send me your ideas!