Decisions 101

Feb 15, 2023

Many clients come to me stuck.
And, at the root cause of stuck is often an unmade decision.

Do I stay or leave?
Do I apply or not?
Do I have the discussion or not?
Do I risk being wrong or not?
Do I make the follow up call?
Do I act on my intuition or not?
Do I spend the money or not? 
Do I delay immediate pleasure for long term gain? 

It is not my role to advice you on what decision to make. 

It is my role to show you your brain and decode what is happening
that is keeping you stuck in indecision.

Often these are some things we uncover.... 

  • If you don't make the decision you don't have to feel the discomfort involved.
  • If you delay making a decision you can hide in research.
  • If you don't make a decision, the decision may be made for you and then you have someone else to blame, our outsource your emotions to if you don't like the outcome.
  • If you don't make a decision you don't risk yourself professionally or personally. 

But these are all lies actually. 
Not making a decision is a decision.
Irony much? 

Decision making is a perfect time to learn how to manage your mind. 
And I look at every decision that stumps me as a direct path to growth. 
I do more than write a pro or con list when I am contemplating something. 
I follow the process I outline in this free guide. 

You can download my process here. 

We often put a great deal of pressure on ourselves to make 
the RIGHT decision. 

I invite you to let go of a decision being right or wrong. 
It is just an action you are committing to that will result in an outcome. 
If you are game to embrace growth, however it presents itself, you will stop judging your actions (decisions) as right or wrong. 

And, there is a hell of a lot of freedom that follows when you release that thought. 

Ready to release? 
Thought so,