Complaint fast?

Jul 30, 2022

Can you imagine going through an entire day without complaining once?

I call these "complaint fasts."

Some folks give up gluten, wine, or chocolate for a day.

I'm wondering if you'd be game to give up something equally addictive....


And, while I long ago gave up complaining about "big things"

(Reference my IF ONLYspost from last week.)

Damn if the little ones don't sneak into my consciousness.

You know complaining about...

Missing another light.

How hot it is.

How cold it is.

How poorly I slept last night.

That guy who just cut me off.

How often the dog wakes us up at night.

That my password doesn't work. (this one is actually Lewis' achilles heel)

That I had to use self check out (this is my achilles heel.)

That my car is making that noise... again.

And, let's not get started on the price of gas ....

See... they are all rather innocent.

None of them really matter.

But, when I feed my brain thoughts like this I am telling the world:

"This is not how it SHOULD be."

And training your brain to find little "problems" will gradually lead to your brain looking for bigger "problems."

Suddenly your husband's breathing may bother you.

Your boss' cheery manner may annoy you.

That your car needs gas may put you out.

That your child forgot their jersey will exasperate.

You see what I mean?

Little complaints become a gateway to bigger complaints.


Would you be game to go on a complaint fast for a day or a week?

I really don't identify as a complainer, but if I am honest,

I do complain when "it is merited..."

Clever how I conceal my arrogance that way right?

So, I have committed to a week of no complaining.

And, I chose a perfect week as I'm traveling by plane this week.

Our local tiny airport is notorious for canceling flights at the last minute.

So, I have pre-decided that if (when) this happens I will not even grit my teeth once.

I will just get to work to find a solution.


My go to at the airport is to complain.

In other words, to argue with reality.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Even if you identify as a PollyAnna, a Glass 1/2 full, a rose colored glasses woman, is there some area, even just one, where you may lean into complaining?

How do you feel when you complain?

What results do you create when you complain?

Game to release this habit as a dare?

If so, please let me know how it goes.

I for sure will let you know my week goes.