Complaining does not lead to a fantasy life

Jun 15, 2021

I don't know anyone who brags about how well they complain.

Or, who credits complaining with creating their fantasy life.

Or, who gets their child a tutor to learn how to complain better.

But I also think that most of us don't even realize how often we complain.

Complaining is telling the world that things should not be the way that they are.

He shouldn't act that way.

I should make more money.

He should not text me before the work day begins.

She should carry her own weight.

He should know better.

But instead of telling that person our complaint,

we complain to the wrong person.

We moan about our work to our husband.

We vent about our husband to our colleague.

We critique our child's school to our friend.

#bang head against a wall much?

But I get it, because solving for the situation probably requires some discomfort, some risk, and often change. And few of us seek these out.

It's just easier to complain.

But is it?

I have yet to meet someone living an extraordinary life who defaults to complaining when facing a challenge.

Game for a complaint fast?

Catch yourself saying "should" or pointing fingers or sighing and chances are there is some complaining going on.... No problem.

Just acknowledge it and let it serve as a reminder that this is an area where you'd like to make a change. A clue. And, then ask yourself some questions:

How can I take 100% responsibility here?

Who can I talk to directly about this situation?

What solution can I offer?

What would love do?

What change am I willing to go all in on?

The answers may not be easy, but the results will be worth it!