Choose 5 tiny tasks

Feb 02, 2021

So you have a goal you want to achieve.
But, it just seems hard.
It feels like a lot of work.
You don't know where to begin.
The finish line feels miles away.

No worries.
I have a hack for you to create some momentum.

This week choose five things you can do, each in under five minutes, that are related to your goal.

Tiny steps.
Small wins.
Self trust built.
Confidence grows.

Just five.
Don't over do it.
Don't overthink it.

Five tasks, under five minutes.
I made you a video outlining how you can apply this hack to reducing overwhelm at work. Yesterday on instagram I shared 5 under 5 for losing weight. tomorrow I'll post a video on insta about how you can strengthen your marriage with five under five. Follow me @kristindabneycoaching to see them!

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