Champions don't take shortcuts

Jan 05, 2022

"Champions don't take shortcuts." Matthew Kelly

A commitment to excellence means no rushing.

No "we'll just be a little mediocre over here" so we can get "there" faster.

They are not afraid to dream the big dreams.

Their activity is driven by a deep sense of purpose.

They never ask themselves, "What is the least I can do?"

"How can I avoid failure?"

"How can I make no mistakes?"

Nope, instead they ask themselves:

What is the most I can do?

What is this fear telling me?

Which habits do I need to build to reach my goal?

What obstacles can I anticipate so I don't get sidelined?

How can I show myself compassion while up leveling?

Where else can I serve?

Who can I help today on my way to being a champion.

Don't those questions make you sit up a tad taller?

Yeah, me too.

Listen, you are a champion.

You may not know it yet, but you are.

You can do hard things and not complain.

You can keep showing up even when you don't want to.

You don't need a quick plan. You have patience.

You understand the power of tiny daily habits.

Even if you have not yet given everything to training, preparation, execution, or growth, you are not behind.

The champion inside you just wasn't ready yet.

But she is now.

Champions put in the time. And, it's time.

Are you game to tap into your inner champion?

Lose the weight?

Find the love?

Prep for a new career?

Nail the test?

Be the super hero of positive self talk?

If you need help tapping into your champion mindset, I'm here for you!

Tell me you read this without singing a few bars of "You are the champion my friend...And you'll keep on fighting 'til the end"

Wink, wink.