Can we all just agree that the word "should" serves no one...

Jun 08, 2021

Talk about a fast track to creating low vibes in your life.

Inviting judgment.


Staying stuck.

I should be further along.

I should be satisfied with what I have.

I should be grateful for this job.

I should have a larger bank account.

I should feel more confident.

I should be more fulfilled at work.

I should be happier.

I should be more confident.

I should have figured X out by now.

I should blah blah blah....

First, Why?

Second, Who says?

Shoulds are often the result of comparing or entitlement or someone else's agenda for you and create a "less than, not enough, longing" feel.

So here is a little hack.

Replace SHOULD with WANT and then ask if it is true?

I want to feel more confident. True?

I want to be fulfilled at work. True?

I want to be satisfied with what I have. True?

I want to be happier. True?

Shoulds keep you stuck.

Wants create momentum.

High achievers often hire me because they are undecided in some area of their life and they are tired of being confused or indecisive. They have been telling themself that they "should" be able to make the decision, figure "it" out, stop the over thinking, spinning, but to no avail. My job is to slow them down. Help them get very aware of what results they have in their life based on shoulds and what results they seek in their life based on wants. Simple, but not easy.

If you want to be more confident, or

If you want to be more fulfilled at work, or

If you want to be satisfied with what you have, we come up with a mindset and strategy plan.

Are you ready to let go of your shoulds?

If so, I invite you to a free mini session so we can unearth your shoulds

and move you towards I want, I choose, I create....

And please, I haven't even opened the can of worms that is:

He shouldn't talk like that.

My kids should read more.

She should promote me.

She shouldn't have gotten the job over me.

They shouldn't be on their screens so much.

She should know better.

He should be more loving.

They should pay me more.

I shouldn't have married him.

You get it...

All lies.


I'll save that for another email or video.

You're welcome.