Can getting a Mammogram feel like a spa experience?

Jul 30, 2022

I had a lovely morning at a spa. Well I called it a spa, you may have called it by its' real name: The Mammography Center.

I had to get an ultrasound mammogram today (might be wrong term, but if you know. You know.) I had been very nervous about this. In fact, I have waited two months for this next appointment and have been thinking all the thoughts. Until this morning.  

As I woke I decided to tell myself I am the luckiest woman in the world that I have access to techs, doctors, and machines that are committed to my health.

I arrived at 7:15am in a cute outfit (minus the deodorant IFKYK), make up on, and a yummy mug of coffee.
I pre-decided to be extra friendly to everyone I met.
I mean... spas bring that out in you.
As I checked in I learned that both of the lovely ladies behind the desk are patients of my husband and they adore him. That makes three of us. We enjoyed a lovely connection and some laughing. So spa like. I had to get called in to "the machine" a few times and each time I just kept breathing deeply and thinking how comfortable the apron thing I was wearing was. It was a very soft cotton. And, it was navy - my fav color of clothing. I stayed very calm and didn't resort to my normal "joking when nervous" ways. The wall color was lovely as was the painting. Nice decor for a spa.
Then, it came time for the ultrasound.
I lay on the cozy bed. They covered me in a blanket. They dimmed the lights. Inspirational music was on.
I spa like. I told the woman doing my ultrasound that I was actually at a spa enjoying all this quiet time, comfort, and meeting new people. She played with my story.
As she applied the goop under my arm I just kept thinking how warm it was and comfortable the wand was applying pressure to me. Spa moment.

She left me for a few minutes in the quiet and darkness to get the doctor. I closed my eyes and enjoyed being very present. No tvs, no screens, no magazines to read. Just me and my thoughts so I was for sure going to think positive ones.

The doctor was beautiful and lovely and so calming.

Like a master aesthetician.

She gave me the all clear and appeased the worries I had.

As I was checking out, the bill was quite high.
That sealed it that I felt like I was at a very high end spa.
And, I happily paid every penny.
I guess the woman liked my attitude because she leaned in and said,

"Your husband speaks so highly of you."

 Heart. Heart. Heart.

I realize the doctor could have told me different results.

But I also realize that worrying about them would not have aided my health and it would have robbed me of a most pleasant morning.

I chose to believe that today was a day for gratitude and pampering.

It is, after all, I tremendous gift to have access to all that I did this morning.

I left and went right to the store to buy gorgeous plants and flowers.

I mean, that's what a lady who spends her morning at a spa does right? (and I may have bought a bag of chocolate drizzled popcorn and eaten most all of it .... not the tea with lemon that would have been in line with this story, but damn good! 
So, I coach on burnout

And, you may be thinking... okay, nice story, but what did this have to do with getting me out of my overwhelm?

Thanks for asking... 

Each moment we have a choice to approach our next task, assignment, meeting, obligation with presence and gratitude or worry, resentment, anxiety, and overwhelm.

 If you choose the former your chances of preventing, reducing, or eliminating burnout are like 84% greater (I made that number up to sound more scientific... but you get the idea.) When we are in overwhelm we don't often realize the power we have over our own experiences and thoughts to get us out of it.

Where can you do a little shift this week to experience something you usually don't enjoy in a new way and maybe even find it appealing?