Are you living in a cage?

Dec 07, 2022

Are you living in a cage? 
Are you stuck in a job you don't love? 
Professional Cage. 
Are you in a relationship that is no longer working?
Personal Cage.
Are you not where you want to be or thinking nothing is working out? 
Cage. Cage. Cage. 

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to be honest with yourself.
Easier said than done.  But, necessary as a first step. 

If something feels off in your life, ask yourself what choices you have made that are keeping you (temporarily) trapped.
If you are feeling caged, but taking no action, ask yourself why?

Money scarcity.
Avoiding discomfort.
Upsetting another. 
Stepping into a new self image. 
Lack of confidence. 

If this is you, I have an idea for you.

  • First, remind yourself that you are in a process of discernment. You are finding the key to unlock the cage. Nothing has gone wrong. There is no problem. This is data collection time. 
  • Second, awareness time. Get clear on WHAT you most want. Taste it, smell it, feel it, see it. Get very detailed. Nothing is too impossible to dream about.  How will life look when you are outside of this cage? 
  • Third, get clear on WHY you want what you want.  What is your motivation? No answer is too shallow or too grand.  It's time to own your authentic you. To ask yourself for what you want. To stop hiding or making excuses or waiting or sticking to your beliefs that "it will never happen."  
  • Finally, start to take a few actions. Baby steps, but do not force the outcome. While you are 100% responsible for all parts of your life, forcing will not allow for all the possible ways you will achieve what you want once out of the cage. Be open. Be curious. Stay focussed on your What and your why, and let go of the how on your way to taking actions that move you closer to the vision you have for yourself. 

    If this sounds too simple, that is a good thing. It is. 
    When you get clear on your what and your why you are invited to let go of all your excuses, limiting thoughts, ways you get in your own way, stories you tell yourself, and be open to all the possibilities and opportunities awaiting you. 

    You were not meant to live in a cage. 
    You were meant to soar. 

    Fly at 10,000 feet about your current life and play with a new perspective from that vantage point. Pretty gorgeous eh?