Are you hiding?

Feb 06, 2024

Opportunities can not find their way to you if they don't know you are looking for them. 
Opportunities within your organization and external to your organization. 

I was taught, 'It's not what you know, it's who you know.'
And, that isn't actually accurate. 
it's actually "It's not who you know, it's who knows you."

I have learned this over my last five years of self employment. Initially I just thought my talents and skills would lead to a full practice. But gradually I realized I had to put myself out there. I had to promote my skills. I had to tell people (lots of them) what I did. I had to get over wondering what others were thinking when I boldly stated, "I know I can help you."  I had to stop hiding and waiting to "be discovered." I had to lead with what I taught - embracing discomfort, 

The number one cause of missing out on opportunities is hiding. 
And hiding comes in many forms.

  • Not self promoting (does that make you cringe?)
  • Engaging in invisible work
  • Assuming others see your contribution and value.
  • Worrying that you aren't qualified for a job you desire so not applying
  • No LinkedIn presence
  • Staying quiet in meetings
  • Not telling your boss of your long term aspirations
  • Not actively networking even before you are ready to make the leap
  • Not telling everyone you know that you are looking for work 
  • Only applying to jobs where you meet 90% of the desired qualifications
  • Telling yourself you would be putting another out by asking to have an informational interview with them
  • Justifying staying where you are even when you know you are meant for more
  • Focussing on your fear of making a mistake, looking foolish, getting out of your lane, instead of stretching, learning, contributing

I coach a lot on hiding. 
I coach women who don't want to be seen as braggarts.
I coach women who have been good students who often keep their heads down and get the job done assuming others will take note and promotions will follow.
I coach women who talk themselves out of reach jobs
I coach women who worry what others will think
I coach women who are kind, team oriented, and doers, sometimes to a fault.

I was this woman so I know how to coach these women. 

If you are ready to pivot, get promoted, launch a business you must embrace getting visible.  There is no way around it. 

I coach women how to do this with femininity, leaning into their strengths, through relationship building, letting go of people pleasing, and accepting the inevitable discomfort - in fact, running toward the discomfort. 

If you know that your hiding is holding you back, book a free one hour chat with me to assess where you are and where you want to be and let me offer some suggestions for getting you from before to after.