Are you consciously consuming?

Dec 07, 2022

Are you intentional with what you consume? 
Mindfully consuming means you are not on autopilot.
On purpose. 

Are you intentionally choosing the food your fuel yourself with? or are you consuming junk? 
Are you intentionally consuming social media that creates growth, curiosity, and expansion? or are you consuming junk? 
Are you intentionally consuming books, movies, tv shows that feed your brain, your soul, and your life? or are you consuming junk? 

Are you unintentionally consuming gossip, criticism, negativity?
Are you mindlessly checking out with tv, social media, games on your phone? 

You'll know if it is on purpose by how you feel after you've finished the activity.
If you feel rested and centered, it was intentional. 
If you feel restless and aggravated it was probably not intentional. 
If you guilty or embarrassed, (1 hour of candy crush later...) you checked out.

Now, checking out, resting, not challenging your brain is never a problem. 
I'm just asking you to check to make sure your actions are deliberate. 

And really think about consumption as everything you are taking in - others' stories, opinions, assumptions, shows, other's energy, music, news, food, drink, society's standards/expectations, other's moods. 

This coming month is full for most of us. 
I invite you to be very deliberate with how you fill your days, your brain, and your body.

The best way I know how to insure I am being intentional is to pre decide. 
Pre decide when you'll schedule in rest and entertainment.
Pre decide how you'll fuel your body.
Pre decide with whom you'll spend time.
Pre decide how you want to think and feel this month and take actions based on both. 
It really can be that simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple. 

Here's to a month of intention and not default!


P.S. If you want help with any of this, let's chat.  Helping women get off autopilot is a one of my specialties... That and taking naps...