3 ways to get unstuck

Feb 02, 2021

Wonder if you can relate?

When I'm stuck personally or professionally my creativity goes down the toilet.

Insert huge flushing sound.

I only see obstacles.

I only see difficulties.

I get confused.

And then I stay confused.


But, along my path through stuckdom to get out of stuckitis I"ve created a few activities that have served me well. Some take 2 minutes, others take a day, and all three have helped me reach clarity.

Here are three things I do to dislodge the proverbial big rocks in my brain.

1. Take one small action

You are like, "Duh, Kristin. That's what I can't do. And also, which action? There are so many directions I could go. And, (insert excuse...)" Shhh.... Relax. Breathe in deeply. Release it. Repeat. Okay, back to this idea... The single most efficient way to create clarity is through action. You only know what may work by doing it. Example, You don't know if you should stay in your current job or find a new one, or enter a new field, or start a business, or go to part time. Well guess how you discover the answer? Action, NOT reading more or journaling more or meditating more. Nope. You need more real time info. Reach out to one person who works in a field that interests you, or started the business, or works in that department, etc... Ask them some questions. Learn what they love and don't about the field. Get some concrete advice from them. Bring your escape plan into focus. Action taken. More clarity on your tray. Or, spend a few hours volunteering in the field you may want to enter, virtually or in person. Promise you'll learn more than spinning in the what if's... More clarity in your back pocket. There are one million (I've counted them) ways to take small actions that create movement. Just choose one. Do it and gather more info.

What is one action you could take today. One, no excuses that you don't know. You do. One that may create a bit of momentum for you? No guarantee it will, but surely better than staying in your crowded brain.

2. Journal what you want most

Like go all out ... if what you most want involves something you deem outrageous (seven figures in your savings account), to no longer manage anyone, to speak to an audience of 500, to write the book, to leap out of bed in the morning, or stay in bed with coffee until 10am... Write it down. No one but you will read it. Your future has not been designed yet. Don't assume it has. If your life were no longer on autopilot what would it look like? Don't think tomorrow has to be a repeat of today. It doesn't.

Game to carve out 30 minutes to let your pen never leave the paper and let your imagination run wild?

3. Create a digital visual

I've been known to make some vision boards. Sip some wine. Clip some magazines. Get out glue... But I am more a minimalist now. I use Pinterest to create private boards. My own little getaway on my phone. Visuals motivate me so I have all sorts of images that create feelings in me that contribute to my momentum. And, I keep adding to the same board so I can see how I am evolving... My board involves places I've been and want to go, vignettes that create calm in me, images that remind me of romance or elegance or self confidence, Outfits that I consider sexy or classic or powerful, etc... If I have a 5 minute wait somewhere I'll pull out my phone and search for one picture to add to my vision board. So much more productive (for me) than another round of Word Warp.

Download Pinterest (as if... I know you already have it), create a private board, have fun naming it and then start pinning...

We are most stuck when we have disengaged from our creativity, our dreams and self expression.

Game to try one or all of the above?

You know I am all about your thoughts creating your reality right? Well... the above help to release limiting beliefs, inspire expansive thinking, and expose you to thoughts you didn't even know were available to you. Run, don't walk toward all of them. I am so cheering you on!

Big hugs,


P.S. I have still have so much to learn and so much to teach and so much to share. If you want to share your story of stuck with me, I'm all ears. I want to know all I can! I invite you to book a time to chat. I will interview you for 25 minutes and then coach you the next 25. I've opened up even more slots next week. (This is not a sales call... It is research for me in exchange for a little coaching for you.)