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Hello, I'm Kristin Dabney, a career strategist and leadership coach.

I help women at midlife rethink, reinvigorate, or reinvent their careers. Whether that means finding new work or approaching work differently. 

You are wise.
You are experienced.
You have talents to share and impact to make.
And, you are ready to elevate your career.

And you are feeling stuck. Something is getting in the way - a conflict, self doubt, confusion, exhaustion, overwhelm. 

Through mindset work, skill development, and strategy, I help each client maximize her professional midlife experience. If this sounds like you, let's chat. 

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One of the most common professional complaints from women at midlife is feeling stuck or stagnant in their careers. 

And when this happens it has an impact on all areas of your life, especially your well being and relationships. 

Is this you? Maybe you feel you have hit a plateau and are not able to advance or grow in your current role. This can be particularly frustrating if you have put in years of hard work and feel like you are not being recognized or rewarded for you efforts.

Or maybe you feel undervalued or underpaid, are ready to shift industries, or are struggling to balance work and family responsibilities.

Or maybe you feel you are facing limited career opportunities or are being passed over for promotions in favor of younger colleagues.

You are not alone. 

And, women at midlife may be particularly vulnerable to these issues as they navigate a period of transition and change in their lives.

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My Method

I serve as a coach for your mind, a teacher of strategy, and a leadership consultant, coaching you on how to lead yourself and others. Together we will define your strengths, values, and obscacles.

Through a combination of thought work and learning how to: self promote, set boundaries, make decisions, manage your time, have difficult conversations, position yourself for a promotion, effectively interview, define and solve for obstacles, negotiate, influence culture, you will have a new approach to managing your career. 

And as we work together, it is inevitable that uncomfortable feelings may surface:  fear, anxiety, worry, resentment, disappointment. I will teach you how to allow for these feelings, and not let them stop your progress. 

Our work together does not look at your career in isolation.  

When you reimagine your professional life, we take into account all that you desire for your personal life too.  

  1. Your personal and professional goals are intertwined. If you are struggling with caring for an aging parent, a death, a divorce, children leaving home, it can affect your job performance and career goals. Similarly, if you are feeling unfulfilled in your career, it can impact your overall happiness and well-being.

  2. Achieving a harmony between your work and life is essential for overall well-being and job satisfaction. As your coach, we lean into your values to find a balance that works for you.

  3. Personal growth and development are essential for achieving professional success. Coaching you to develop your personal skills, such as communication or time management, can help you excel in your professional life.

  4. Sometimes personal issues can be underlying factors that are holding you back in your career. Maybe you are overworking because you are dissatisfied with your personal life, or maybe you have a limiting money mindset that is keeping you stuck where you are, or maybe you feel like an imposter and fear you'll be found out. Addressing these can create freedom you may not have felt before. 

You are one whole person.
I work with all of you.

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Women hire me for one area of their life and leave with all areas of their lives impacted. 


I will help you challenge your assumptions, become an observer of your mind, choose growth over perceived safety, approach your relationships with more emotional maturity, learn how to create any result you want. 
Think of hiring me as the way to take a short cut to an elevated life. 

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